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TL;DR: A+. Quick friendly service, quality ingredients and recipes, adventurous options.

So good it's unreal! Their homestyle TLC-laden Taiwanese cooking is immensely better than your typical Chinese restaurant fare. I'm breaking up with my greasy corner carryout, ordering from here exclusively from now on.
~Hakka pho is balanced, clean and fresh tasting (I suppose that's the hakka style), quality pork unlike most Chinese restaurants, lots of veg and bean sprouts, tender homemade broad noodles, flavorful broth; portion is large enough for 2 meals.
~Steamed dumplings are undoubtedly homemade and made fresh today, not frozen, dough is supple, filling is tasty and well-seasoned, and garlic soy sauce is ace.
~Boba tea is always great, both jelly and tapioca; flavor is strong and sweet, lychee is best IMHO.
~Delivery was 30 minutes before I anticipated! Delivery driver was considerate and kind. Boba tea was wrapped in saran so it didn't spill in transit.


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Had it delivered to the hospital. He had to put up with the red coat people yelling at him but he made sure I got the food. Sesame chicken was fantastic!


Top Reviewer
Brilliant food, a polite and clean delivery person, everything was accurate... I will definitely be ordering again.


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Great portions! Wonderful delivery service. My order included extras and everything was correct.


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It's always delicious, timely, and affordable.

About us

Asian, Noodles, Taiwanese

The owner of the restraurant are from Taiwan 3 year ago. Taiwan is famous by its great food cuture. Taiwan is place that asian people get together, so you can taste all kinds of Asian food in Taiwan. We are doing a lot of study to make a Asian Fusion Food by make it more delicious.